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Translation Glossary


Machine translation is not perfect (yet). Sometimes, you need to translate certain terms or brand names in specific ways. Dozuki offers a handy Translation Glossary that allows you to add specific words and customize translations for your entire site.

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Adding Words and Phrases

To add a new word or phrase, click on the "Add Row" button in the Translation Glossary.

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Click on the first cell of the new row and type the word or phrase that you would like to add to the glossary. To add translations for specific languages, click on the cell in the column for that language and type the new translation. Click the "Save Changes" button to save the new translations.

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Modifying Languages Listed for Translation

Click on a language in the language list to hide the column for that language. The language icon will turn grey and the column will be removed from the table below.

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Editing an Existing Word or Phrase

To edit saved translation entries, select the cell you would like to edit, and type in a new word or phrase.

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The page will refresh and display a "Successfully saved changes" message.

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