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    • It can be tempting to rush ahead - you're almost done, after all, and you want to see your printer print. Don't rush these steps.

    • Read each step carefully, and follow the instructions closely, you'll save yourself a lot of time and headache.

    • If at any point you feel over your head here, stop and ask questions in the RailCore Discord (Best option) or RailCore Facebook group.

    • Be very careful near your electronics with the cover off. You can install the cover first, but it can be difficult to adjust things, so I install it after the smoke test.


    • Your Duet comes with an SD Card pre-loaded with configuration files. We need to change those to the RailCore default files.

    • Remove the SD card and put it in your PC. On it you'll find a series of folders.

    • Make a copy of the "sys" folder, and call it "sys_original".

    • Copy all of the files from here into your sys folder, overwriting the original files:

    • Copy the files here into the /macros folder:

    • Eject the SD card from your PC, and put it back in the Duet.

  1. Before powering-on the first time, You need to connect to your duet with a microUSB cable.
    • Before powering-on the first time, You need to connect to your duet with a microUSB cable.

    • Follow the instructions here for getting connected to your Duet: You can use YAT as suggested, or any other serial console program.

    • Don't worry about upgrading your firmware yet, but take note of the version installed.

    • Send an M115 command to your Duet, be sure you see "Duet 3 Mini5plus WiFi" in the output.

    • Continue following the instructions to get the Duet connected to your network.

    • Ensure that you can reach your Duet via Duet Web Control before disconnecting the USB. When you unplug the USB the duet will lose power.

    • Double check all your connections.

    • Double check them again.

    • Once the printer is powered, do not work on the electronics until you power it off. Keep your fingers entirely away from the electronics area while the printer is on.

    • Connect the power cord to the IEC inlet plug.

    • Power on the printer.

    • You should be able to connect to the web interface you set up earlier.

    • You can update all firmware and DWC files by uploading the main zip file from the latest stable RRF release.

    • Upload the zip file to the system tab. Do not extract it first.

    • It should be detected and extracted automatically to the correct locations and prompt you to update and reboot.

    • The zip files for upgrading the firmware can be found here:

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