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When first installing the panels, only snug up the nuts, do not overly tighten them.

Flip the printer frame upside down, to install the bottom panel first.

It's important the two holes are on the same side as the two Z towers (left side), and the "shiny" side of the panel faces out. The holes should be offset towards the front of the printer.

It's easiest to start by lining up the bolts close to where they'll need to be. Then start from one corner and work your way along the sides. Needle nose pliers can help to line the bolts up with the holes.

For the Feet, put them over the two bolts at each corner, and fasten each with (2) M3 Nylock Nuts. Do not overtighten them against the plastic.

Snug down the bottom panel using (3) M3 Nylock Nuts for the other bolts protruding along each side. A final tighten will be done later.

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