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Attach both the left and right Z rod holder extrusions to the frame using the corner cubes and existing M3 nuts in the inside channels. Note: use top M3 nut, the bottom one is left for spacing and ease of assembly.

Using M3 x 6 socket head screws for each corner cube, attach each to the frame. Do not tighten the corner cubes to the frame at this point. (optional) Use an M3 washer on each M3 x 6 fastener to prevent fasteners from potentially bottoming out.

Use calipers to measure the distance between the bottom of the top extrusion, and the top of the Z rod holder extrusion. Tighten the corner cubes to the frame leaving a gap of 50mm as shown in the image. (Alternate Method) Optionally use 123 or 25,50,75 blocks and firmly squeeze the block between the two extrusions while fastening each corner cube.

This step is easier with the frame on it's side.

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