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Before powering-on the first time, You need to connect to your duet with a microUSB cable.

Follow the instructions here for getting connected to your Duet: You can use YAT as suggested, or any other serial console program.

Don't worry about upgrading your firmware yet, but take note of the version installed.

Send an M115 command to your Duet, be sure you see "Duet 2 WiFi + Duex 5" in the output.

If you do not see Duex 5, STOP. Your Duet to Duex5 ribbon connector is not working. Disconnect the USB to shut off the Duet and fix it before proceeding.

Continue following the instructions to get the Duet connected to your network.

Ensure that you can reach your Duet via Duet Web Control before disconnecting the USB. When you unplug the USB the duet will lose power.

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