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Earlier in the process you should have made sure your belts are equal lengths, if you did, that will make getting proper tension easier.

Each X Carriage has two bolts retaining the Y rail in place. Loosen those bolts in both carriages just a little before proceeding. (They should still keep the rail in position, but should not be tight)

Pull on the Front stepper in the mounts to lightly tension the front belt. You don't need too much tension.

Pull the rear stepper back in the mount until the measurements marked in red on the image are equal. (Measure from the right side of the Y rail marked in red, to the left side of the top right extrusion where marked in red).

1-2-3 blocks can be used in place of measuring.

Once the Y rail is squared you should re-tighten the bolts in the X carriages to retain the Y rail.

Ideal belt tension is between 40 - 50hz as measured on the short spans on the left of the printer between the idler mounts.

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