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Installing the thermistor in the bed now will make it easier to install the assembled bed in the printer frame in a later step. A youtube video of this process is here.

Be careful with the thermistor, the bead is glass, and if it’s broken it won’t give a reading, or will be way off. The thermistors have very long leads on them and are protected in rubber all the way up to the bead.

Place the thermistor into the channel in the top of the bed.

Cover about 10mm of the thermistor leads near the glass bead in RTV.

Cover another 10mm of the lead near the side of the bed.

Use a razor blade to clean up the excess RTV; there should be no RTV higher than the channel in the bed, and none on the bed surface itself.

Set your bed aside and let the RTV dry while you continue with the following steps.

If you want to continue working with the bed on a later step before the RTV is fully dry, you can cover the groove with Kapton tape until it’s dry. Use a razor blade to cut the tape along the sides of the groove, and leave the part on top of the RTV, so it doesn't pull it out of the groove.

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