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+[title] (2x) Install M3 Hardware into Linear Rail
+[* black] Use a bit of masking tape to keep your carriage from sliding off your linear rail.
+[* black] Select 4 evenly spaced holes in your linear rail. (roughly 3 empty holes between each bolt)
+[* black] Place a M3 x 8mm socket cap head screw into one of the holes selected. Loosely thread on (1) M3 nut to the bolt. DO NOT TIGHTEN THEM FULLY. The M3 nut only needs to be threaded onto the tip of the bolt, you want a gap between the nut and the back of the rail. Repeat for the other three (3) holes.
+[* black] Repeat the above steps for the other 245mm rail.
+[* icon_note] If you are using Misumi rails, use a M3 lock washer between the M3 x 8mm and the rail.
+[* icon_caution] It is highly recommended to use a bit of masking tape to keep the carriage from sliding off of the linear rail.

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