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+[title] Z Homing Test
+[* icon_caution] When running the following commands, a lot can go wrong. Keep your finger near the power switch just in case. Read all of the instructions before beginnging.
+[* black] Move the bed at least 50mm below the nozzle by running this command in the gcode console (if it's already low enough, skip this)
+ [* light_blue] G1 H2 Z50
+[* black] Trigger the homing of the bed by running this in the gcode console:
+ [* black] G28 Z
+[* black] The bltouch pin should drop, and the bed should start to move up. Tap the bltouch pin with your fingertip. It will raise and lower, tap it again. This should stop the bed.
+[* icon_caution] If the bed does not stop, hit the power button immediately.
+[* black] If the bed stops as expected, re-run G28 Z to properly home the bed. Keep ready to hit the power switch in case something does not work.