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Step Lines

+[title] Z Stepper Direction
+[* icon_caution] Be sure your bed is not close to your hotend before doing this. If it is, power down and move your bed down at least 15mm by turning the leadscrews.
+[* black] In the gcode console in duet web control, run this:
+[* black] G1 Z10 H2
+[* black] This should move your bed DOWN away from the hotend 10mm.
+[* black] If your Bed moves up, find the M569 P5 - 7 lines in your config.g file, and change the S0 to S1 for all 3 lines.
+[* icon_caution] If only some steppers move the wrong direction, skewing the bed, you need to edit the lines only for those steppers.