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Step Lines

+[title] X (Rear) Stepper Direction
+[* black] These instructions are documented here as well:
+[* black] Starting with the hotend over the center of the bed, issue the following in the "console" window of the Duet Web Control
+ [* light_blue] G91
+ [* light_blue] G1 H2 X10 F3000
+[* black] That should move your Hotend in +X +Y (towards the right and back of the pritner)
+[* black] If your hotend moves -X -Y (Left and front), find this line in the config.g and change the S0 to S1:
+ [* light_blue] M569 P0 S0
+[* icon_caution] If the Y (front) stepper moves, you have the steppers in the wrong ports. Power Down and change the cables to the correct ports - see the wiring instructions.