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[title] Finishing the Y Belt Installation
-[* black] Insert wisdom here.
+[* black] From the Rear X carriage the belt goes back to the Y carriage block.
+[* black] Put another belt clip on, and insert the belt and clip into the top hole on the Y carriage. Attach it with (1) m3 x 45mm bolt and (1) m3 washer.
+[* black] Be sure the belt is properly seated around the idlers and pulley, and not twisted along its length.
+[* black] Don't worry about the belt being tight - we'll tension it later. For now "close" is good enough.
+[* black] At this point both belts should not have any major slack in them. Test tightening them by pulling the X/Y steppers in their grooves, you should be unable to easily pull the steppers to the end of the grooves in the mounts. If you can, remove a belt clip and adjust it a couple teeth, then try again.
+[* black] Cut the belt, leaving approximately an inch of tail for adjustment.
+[* black] It is best if both belts are the same length - now is a great time to do it, once the clips are adjusted. To do so, remove both belts (Mark the front clip for each so you know which was which), lay them out on the floor side by side, and adjust the clips to be the same # of teeth apart. Reinstall the belts.